JW- Purelean KF99 Mask (5-Pieces)

Daily disposable 4-ply face mask. 


  • Four layer of filter composition 
  • Blocks about 99% or fine particles of about 0.4 microns

  • High elastic ear band for a comfortable wear
  • Functional nose support
  • Non-washable, single-use only.
  • Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) Korea approved


How to Use: 

  1. Pull and extend the mask with two hands and be sure the nose clip is upward.
  2. Hold the mask on the face and pull the elastic band to the ears.
  3. Press the nose clip to fit the shape of the nose.
  4. Cover the entire mask with both hands and adjust it to fit the face to make sure there is no gap.



  1. Do not use in an enclosed place with an oxygen concentration of less than 18%.
  2. Do not use when the mask is contaminated.
  3. Do not modify the mask.
  4. Do not wash.  This is a single-use mask.
  5. If you are pregnant, senior/elderly, child, patient suffering from respiratory tract or cardiovascular disease and feel uncomfortable in breathing when you wear the mask, please discontinue using immediately and consult your doctor if necessary.


Made from:

  • Outer (non-woven polypropylene)
  • Intermediate (non-woven fabric, polyethylene + polypropylene)
  • Filter (polypropylene filter non-woven fabric, full propylene)
  • Lining (non-woven fabric, full ethylene + polypropylene) 

Colour:  White

Quantity:  5 x 1-pc/Pack (Individually Packed)
Size : 122mm (+/-) 10mm x 140mm (+/-)10mm

Made in Korea