SOME BY MI - Red Teatree Cicassoside Final Solution Cream

Final Solution for Hypersensitive Skin!


Skin irritation tested. Suitable for hypersensitive and acne skin used. Contains 76% of Red Tea Tree Extract & Cicassocide™ for skin soothing synergy. Helps improve dead skin cells and skin redness in 2 weeks. Formulated with sub-acidic PHA formula for mild dead skin cells care.


Red Teatree is a type of teatree plant that grows only in the east cape part of an island in the northern part of New Zealand.  Its a key ingredient that calms skin, to reduce irritation and to provide calming care on hypersensitive skin.


Absorbed into the skin without any stickiness with a refreshing texture.  It quickly provides skin with moisture and active ingredietns and finishes refreshingly on sensitive skin.


  • Red Teatree 76% - Sensitive skin care
  • Cicassoside - Calm skin
  • PHA, low pH - Low irritation formula.

How to use:


Additional Info:

  • Suitable for hypersensitive and acne-prone skin.
  • Help skin calming.
  • Improvement in dead skin cells, redness, and prevention of transepidermal water loss.
  • Clinically tested for sensitive skin.
  • Approved by Ministry of Health.

Size: 60 g

Made in Korea