FARMSTAY - Visible Difference Mask Sheet



  • The fresh sheet-type mask containing acerola extracts to whiten rough and dry skin clearly and brightly adheres to the skin.
  • So that the skin texture needs to by moisturized can be freshened and tightened without stickiness.


  • The fresh aloe extract from nature helps to hydrate on your dry skin and refresh and rejuvenate on your tired skin.
  • Mask sheet covered on a surface of the skin smoothly with great feeling.
  • Provides a rich infusion of moisture on your skin all day long without any skin irritation.


  • Containing water-soluble collagen, it controls sebum balance to manage keratin.

  • As the sheet adheres to skin smoothly.
  • Serum is absorbed to the skin sufficiently to transform your skin translucent.

Greentea Seed: 

  • Pure hypoallergenic green tea seed extract gives dry skin moisture.
  • A sheet-type mask with a fresh tough stays in close contact with thirsty skin without stickiness for pure skin texture. 


  • Farm Stay Visible Difference Mask Sheet (Pearl) makes skin clearer and more translucent with pearl extract.
  • Containing pearl extract, it transforms dull skin clear and translucent.
  • A sheet-type mask with a fresh touch stays in close contact with thirsty skin without stickiness for pure skin texture.


  • Snail mucus extract provides elastic skin texture and shiny face.
  • A sheet type of mask covered smoothly on your skin surface with refreshing feeling will clarify skin texture without any sticky feeling on the face which requires more moisture.

Bird's Nest:

  • Contained nest extract of swiftlet, improving your damaged and decrepit skin to shiny and elastic by stimulating the skin cell.
  • As the skin sheet mask is sticking to your skin closely, it helps to clear up the skin in need of moisturizing without stickiness.


  • By giving organic pomegranate extract moisture to skin gives a boost to tired skin.
  • The sheet help your skin retain moisture by gently fitting on the skin texture without skin irritation.

Red Ginseng:

  • Red ginseng extract keeps your skin moisturized and clear, so it vitalizes the facial skin.
  • When Mask sheet is covered smoothly on the skin surface, absorbed essence will clear your skin.


  • Propolis extract that has ample of amino acid and mineral gives nutrition and moisturizes dried skin and makes moist and healthy skin.


  • Mineral ingredient that contains charcoal helps skin maintain healthy and helps cleanse and keep skin clean by absorbing skin waste.


  • Fresh cucumber extract moisturizes tired skin to refresh with vitality.
  • The sheet adheres to skin closely and smoothly to transform your skin vibrant with moist all day without irritation.

How to Use: 

  • Refresh your skin by cleansing or clarifying lotion.
  • Open the pouch and apply the mask all over your face firmly, except around your eyes and mouth.
  • Relax and leave it for 20-30 minutes and remove lightly
  • Gently massage with fingers to enhance the absorption of the remaining residue into the skin. 


  • [Varies according to mask sheet type]

Additional Info:

  • For all skin types
  • Approved by Ministry of Health

Size:  23ml / 0.78 fl.oz.

Made in Korea

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