FILLIMILLI - Airy Blur Powder Brush

Create a perfect makeup base with this Airy Blur Powder Brush. It’s designed with a slanted tip to easily apply powder on skin. Featuring premium artificial hair, the beauty tool gathers powder easily to apply on skin and achieve a smooth and flawless finish.


  • This Airy Blur Powder Brush helps reduce the oiliness that is seen on the face and fix the base again to create a perfect canvas.
  • Consists of premium artificial hair that touches the face softly like a feather and creates flawless skin by controlling the amount of powder on the base.
  • With a multi-angle shape that can easily apply the powder onto the skin and creates a transparent filter base like an artist.
  • Creates smooth and soft skin easily from narrow areas such as the side of the nose, nose and nasolabial folds to wide areas such as forehead, cheeks and T-zone.

How to Use:

Take a moderate amount of powder with the brush and gently glide onto desired areas.


Hair - Artificial Hair
Connection - Brass
Handle - Wood
Handcaps - Aluminum

Additional Info:

  • Approved by Ministry of Health

Made in Korea