ISNTREE - Real Mugwort Clay Mask

Moisture clay mask with real mugwort leaf powder for skin that changes with the weather. Made of six clays and mugwort leaf powder with strong absorption capability care for greasy and tough skin for a clean and clear complexion. 


Reset your skin in just 10 minutes with ISNtree – Real Mugwort Clay Mask. With only one step, the mask solves three problems – sebum, waste in pores and dead skin cells. Fine particles, such as Kaolin, bentonite, ilite, montmorillonite, calcite and Canadian colloidal clay, adhere densely between pores to absorb excess sebum and waste. Ganghwa medicinal mugwort extract replenishes the skin moisture instead of sebum and wastes and soothes irritation from environmental factors for clear and refreshed skin. The mugwort leaf powder and red bean powder reduce the skin’s burden, gently removing old dead skin cells and smooth out rough skin. 


Unlike other conventional clay masks, Real Mugwort Clay Mask isn't drying and is safe to use for sensitive skin.


Additional info: 

  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin 
  • Excellent for oily and tough skin 
  • Approved by Ministry of Health