PINKFLASH - Lasting Matte Pressed Powder


Achieve velvety skin in an instant with this powder foundation designed to refine skin, conceal blemishes and enlarged pores with a matte finish. The soft and lightweight formula glides smoothly on skin to create an airy and even-toned finish without caking or creasing. Comes in #000 as a setting powder for all skin tones. Also available in #111 for lighter skin tones and #222 for darker skin tones.


  • Lightweight and Traceless, reject to crease and cakey.
  • Medium coverage, one layer can even skin tone, second layers can cover blemishes.
  • The powder is fine and soft, smooth on the face, and will not cause acne.
  • Matte but not dry, Lasting 8 hours, waterproof and sweatproof, help you to create a smooth and natural traceless velvet matte makeup effect.

How to use:

As a setting powder: Use a brush to gently sweep the face for an oil-control As a base makeup: Use makeup sponge to press the face, and do it in small amounts and several times to achieve a non-marking soft matte makeup.


000:Suitable For All Skin Tones(Used for Setting Powder)
111:Suitable for light skin tones 
222: Suitable for dark skin tones 


Talc,Mica,Silica,Dimethicone,Magnesium Stearate,Octyldodecanol,Methylparaben,Propylparaben May Cover:Chi 77891,Ches 77492.Ci 77491.Ci 77499

Size: 5.5g

Additional Info: 

  • ­Approved by Ministry of Health

Made in China