RYO - Scalp Deep Cleansing Conditioner

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REFRESHING AND COOLING EFFECT – If your hair and scalp are oily, refreshing feeling does not last long after shampooing. This product is made with peppermint to give you a cooling effect with long-lasting refreshment.

SEBUM CONTROL – This shampoo and conditioner set works great on the sebum buildup to keep your hair stay fresh all day.

PEPPERMINT EXTRACT – Peppermint is well known for improving circulation. Your scalp promotes healthier hair growth with better circulation. It also deeply cleanses and revitalize hair with invigorating aromatherapy with crisp and refreshing scent.

PINE NEEDLE & BEAN EXTRACT – Pine needle purifies hair and scalp and naturally promotes strong and thick hair to grow while bean extract coats every strands and alleviates hair loss.

How to Use:

  •  The scalp easily gets oily because of excessive sebum
  • The refreshing feeling on the scalp does not last long after shampooing
  • You need deep cleansing on your scalp


Purified water, glycerine, dipropylene glycol, sathyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, bethentrimonychloride, coconut oil, cetyl ethylhexanoate, isopropyl alcohol, flavouring agent, jink pyrition, menthol, dysodium idithiay, malt extract, Sodium polynaphthalensulfonate, butylene glycol, king's sap, ethanol, hydrolysed corn starch, citrus pine leaf extract, chestnut shell extract, scualan, ginseng extract, cellulose gum, phenoxythanol, sacral extract, natto gum, camellia oil, ethylhexylglycerin, haesongja oil, sesame oil, passerby oil, plum tree seed extract, lotus seed extract

Additional info:

  • Approved by Ministry of Health 
  • When contact in the eye, flush your eye with water immediately.
  • When symptoms of rashes, swelling, or itchiness occur during or after the use, please consult a specialist.
  • Avoid using the product on damaged skin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Product may be slippery when spilled on the floor.


Size: 550ml

Made in Korea.