SWAGGER - Hair Stunner Wax Matt & Hard

Powerful hair setting fragranced wax that keeps style in perfect shape no matter what the weather. Features a smooth matte finish with no residue and easy washability. This product is best suited for men with short hair who want a wax with a powerful setting ability. 

  • Long-lasting styling effect
  • Excellent washability
  • Length: Short hair, Medium hair

* No parabens, TEA free.  


Tired of those products that say will hold your hair in place but barely do their job? Worry no more. SWAGGER's hair stunner matte wax holds hair exactly in the style you want with minimum usage. Keep your hairstyle in perfect shape even in those despicably windy days. 


Pure matte finish type with barely any shine. Perfect for those who do not want an oily look on their hair. Also, the product does NOT leave any white cast after applying when evenly spread on hair. Best used for hairstyles that go for a natural look. 


Masculine woody notes with pepper. Say no more to fruity-smelling waxes and creams. A man should not only look like a man but also smell like a man. All SWAGGER's product are all made to exhibit a distinguished masculine scent that attracts females. 


If you had any trouble with washing away any product that has been applied to your hair, SWAGGER's hair stunner is the product for you. Made to be able to be easily rinsed out with shampoo, you can rest assured that after you take your shower, there will be no residue on your hair. 

How to use:

Apply small amounts at a time into hands and work through evenly on damp or dry hair as needed to create your desired style.


Organic Oatmeal Oil: Increases the moisture and improves hair growth

Organic Avocado Oil: Strengthen the hair shaft and help prevent breakage

Beeswax and Banderilla Wax: Protects, strengthens, and conditions hair.

Additional info: 

  • Approved by Ministry of Health. 

Size: 50g

Made in Korea