TENZERO - No-Sebum Finish Powder


Powder that controls excess sebum and leaves you feeling smooth and soft.

#Oil removal #Sebum removal


point 1 greaseproof paper powder

When your face is shiny or you need to touch up makeup, this is an oil paper powder that can be applied by patting a small amount thinly and can be used on the face, body, and hair.


point 2 Transparent and natural skin expression

Fine, fine-grained powder gives a transparent, natural skin finish.


point 3 soothing moisture care

Powder containing moisture-retaining aloe leaf powder and soothing centella asiatica and tea tree leaf extract moisturizes and calms the skin.


How to Use:

1 At the last step of skin care, use the included pap to lightly apply to the entire face or areas with high sebum secretion.

2 Use frequently at the last stage of makeup or when skin feels oily.





Size: 5g

Additional Info:Approved by Ministry of Health

Made in Korea