The Pure Lotus - Rose Quartz Guasha

A gem stone made of Natural Rose Quartz.

This unique light pink Rose Quartz natural mineral stone is famous for its healing ability and helps relaxation.

Guasha is a massage tool made of flat gem stone to stimulate blood circulation and ease lymphorrhagia.  It reduces face swelling and smoothen facial line.  Also, its detoxing effect makes dark cicles under your eyes and complexion better.


How to Use: 

  • Apply cream or oil onto areas requiring attention before using the tool to gently massage upwards and outwards, beginning from the middle of the face.  For optimal results, refrigerate for 5 minutes before using.



100% Natural Rose Quartz


Additional Info:

  • For effective wrinkle care
  • Reduce face swelling due to poor bad circulation
  • Detoxing and brighten skin tone
  • Cool skin
  • Self-care massage at home

Made in Korea